The Goddesss Seduction Archetype


Your seduction archetype represents the unique way that YOU captivate. It is the sizzling interaction of your naturally magnetic, dominant feminine archetype, the 'lover',  with  the soulful energy  of the 'mystic'.   When you are aligned with both of these energies, you feel good, and you attract without effort. This course will teach you how to develop your natural charisma, by activating your inner mystic and lover--together.  It will break down exactly how you captivate, as a goddess with plenty of real-world examples,   tips and techniques, and you will learn  the archetypes that you attract. 

The Lover Archetype

Master Class

The lover archetype represents the sacred erotic-- the life force energy in every woman that sparks reproduction and creativity. Connection with THIS archetype is what makes a woman naturally captivating and seductive. Learn to cultivate the lover archetype to amplify pleasure, passion, and 'presence'. Channel that life force energy into creating your reality, increasing wealth and vitality, raising your vibe and your natural ability to attract people, love, and opportunity. Laugh often. Play more. Feel good. Heal the divine feminine within, own your sexuality and get anchored in the present moment. Command attention. Feel good in your skin-- and open up to people and positive experience.​ Balance this archetype to temper with passion with reason-- and to avoid emotional co-dependence. The lover archetype is the basis of all the seduction archetypes-- so take this along with your dominant archetype to learn how to captivate. This course also contains the keys to captivate for all women who are dominant in their lover energy. Learn what makes you irresistible and who you attract!

The Mystic Archetype

Master Class

The "Mystic archetype" represents a woman's pursuit of inner peace, emotional independence, and her ability to turn a house into a home. Cultivate mystic energy for mindfulness, self-awareness and to avoid situations that compromise your peace. Radiate a magnetizing energy that draws people to you, like a warm flame. This is the energy that will arm you with a tantalizing sense of mystery and seductive distance. Balance this energy to incorporate intimacy with your natural emotional distance, go deeper into the realm of sensuality, connect to your body and balance your natural introversion with heart-centered connection. This course also contains all the keys to captivation for Mystic women who fall under the Godess or Enigma seduction archetypes. You'll also learn what kind of partners (masculine archetypes) you naturally attract!

The Magic Archetypes

About the Feminine Archetype Series

You attract the right things once you have a sense of who you truly are. I invite you to embark on the most important journey  you'll ever take-- the journey within. The   Feminine Odyssey is an unprecedented series of  seven Master Classes that each dive deep into the 7 feminine archetypes. Each archetype is a powerful expression  of feminine energy that exists in every woman.  To date, feminine archetypes  are the most powerful tool we have to understand who we are out our core, our relationships, how we uniquely captivate, the partners we  attract,  and what we must do in order to live our  most-fulfilling and abundant lives. When we are aligned with our archetypes, we experience fast progress and deeper levels of fulfillment. When we are not aligned, we feel stuck. The beauty of archetypes is that they are effective for all types of growth and change. You can use them to improve your career, your finances, your love life, and your overall well being.

I've  devoted the past five years to investigating feminine archetypes, in particular their pre-patriarchal origins,  and developing new insight that could help women live happier, richer, and more powerful lives. My research into feminine archetypes  has lead to an original archetype assessment, the 13 Feminine Seduction Archetypes™ and now, a series of Master Classes where I will finally share the full extent my work. It's colossal, but not only that, empowering to a diverse, global society of women who will all see themselves, and recognize their own power, in the timeless stories shared. My deep dive into the archetypal underworld prompted me to design a life of purpose-- on purpose. Archetypal psychology wa the game changer for me-- and I know it  will be for you.