Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module I: Build Your Base

    • Introduction: The Root of Your Power

    • Case Study: Eva Peron

    • Part 2: Discovering Your True Value

    • Part 3: The Anatomy of Feminine Power

    • Part 4: Destroying Fear

    • Part 5: Weak No More

    • Part 6: The Most Common Way We Surrender Power

    • Part 7: Intuition & Emotions, The Secret Path to Power

    • Part 8A: The Essence of Sexual Alchemy

    • Part 8B: The Essence of Sexual Alchemy

    • BONUS: Sexual Alchemy At Home Practice

  • 2

    Module II: Play to Win

    • Part 1: The Psychology of Conviction

    • CASE STUDY: Joan of Arc & the Power of Conviction

    • Part 2: Feminine Surrender and Radical Trust

    • Part 3: Woman on a Mission

    • Part 4: How To Play To Win

    • Part 5: Manifestation The Feminine Way

    • Part 6A : Grand Strategy Power Tactics

    • Part 6B: Grand Strategy Power Tactics

    • Case Study: How Arianna Huffington Strategized Her Way to Wealth & Fame

    • Case Study: Cleopatra & The Essence of Seduction

    • Part 7: The Golden Rule of Seduction (That Most Women Neglect)

  • 3

    Module III: Master People

    • Introduction: Why You Must Master People

    • Part 1: Hard Versus Soft Power

    • Part 2: The Key to Influence & Emotional Persuasion

    • Part 3: The Fundamentals of 'Charm' & Captivation

    • Part 4a: Tap Into Their Sweet Spots & Hidden Addictions

    • Part 4b: Tap Into Their Sweet Spots & Hidden Addictions

    • Part 4c: Hidden Addiction Exercise

    • Part 5: Tap Into Their Fear

    • Part 6: Know Thyself, Know Thy Enemy

    • Part 7: Employing Charm to Distract & Disarm

    • Part 8: How To Recognize & Defeat Your Enemies

    • Part 9: How To Read Anyone

    • Part 10: Romantic Strategy & Avoiding the 'Information Asymmetry' Trap

    • Case Study: How Pamela Harriman Charmed Her Way to Love, Fortune, & Political Power

    • Case Study: How Diana Spencer Charmed Charles, & then the World

  • 4

    Module IV: Control the Dynamic

    • Introduction: The Hidden Psychology Behind Desire & The People We Crave Most

    • Part 1: The Psychology of Love Addiction-- Why We Fall for Intoxicating, Dead-End Relationships

    • Part 2: The Truth About Desire

    • Part 3: The 9 Hidden Addictions aka Sweet Spots

    • Part 4: How to Make People Crave You

    • Part 5: Reinforcement Tactics

    • Part 6: The Most Powerful Word In the English Language

    • Part 7: The Power of Female Sex

    • Case Study: Jackie Kennedy-- A Study in Coquetry, Distance & Desire

  • 5

    Module V: Dazzle and Disarm

    • Introduction

    • Part 1: Wielding the Power to Disarm

    • Part 2: Dismantling the Beauty Myth

    • Part 3: Feminine Beauty as a Weapon (Against Men)

    • Part 4: The First Stage of Beauty

    • Part 5: Familiarity, Drama & Mystery

    • Part 6: Captivation & The Element of Suprise

    • Part 7a: The Art of Seduction

    • Part 7b: The Art of Seduction

    • Part 8a: How to Get What You Want (The Script)

    • Part 8b: How to Get What You Want (The Script)

    • Case Study: Erykah Badu, Seduction, & the Mystery of Baduizm

    • Conclusion

About the Course

Power is the ability to get what you want. Power is the ability to get your needs and desires met.

Created exclusively for women, The Five Laws of Feminine Power offers unadulterated insight into how to own your 'it' factor, and get what YOU want-- in love, career and life. Be advised--this is not a virtual charm school or yet another rehashing of "The Rules". Traditional advice doesn't free us. Traditional "femininity education" gives us more boundaries, more expectations, and more behavior codes rooted in fear and ignorance about what really makes a women powerful. There is nothing traditional about this course. This is a course on power, presented in away once deemed taboo, and off-limits, for women. For far too long we've resisted teaching women how to live and love on their own terms. For too long we've obscured the true source of feminine power. That changes now. Based on a decade of research into the unique ways that fascinating women command power over themselves, their circumstances, and the people in their orbit-- The Five Laws of Feminine Power is a distillation of ancient wisdom, philosophy, psychology, sociology, neurobiology, anthropology, pop culture, literature, film, martial arts, and the rich inner-lives of history's most scintillating women.

Module I

Build Your Base

  • A Blueprint for Self-Masery

    Breakthrough tactics to destroy fear and paralysis, control your emotional reactions, and get out of your own way.

  • Elevate Your Energy

    Rekindle your relationship with yourself. Ignite your erotic energy with lifestyle choices and tantra exercise. Clear your emotional clutter, and raise your vibe. ​

  • Live On Purpose

    Identify your purpose with three easy questions. Get rooted in your power. ​

Module II

Play To Win

  • Get What YOU Want

    ... every single time, when you develop the uncommon mindset that separates those who wish, from those who win. ​

  • Become a Magnet

    ...for love and abundance with an unconventional approach to manifesting your desires. ​

  • Master the Game of Love

    Be the game-changer with tactics that lead to mutual love, respect and power in your relationships.

Module III

Master People

  • Make Them Come To You

    Make people crave you by learning how to identify and pull anyone's emotional levers. ​

  • X-Ray Vision

    Influence and persuade anyone by taking a glimpse behind their carefully constructed social mask. ​

  • Enchant and Charm

    The keys to opening any door-- and getting what you want, every single time. ​

Module IV

Control The Dynamic

  • Turn The Tables

    ... with a little known human instinct that ignites and sustains intense, head-over-heels, attraction. ​

  • Outsmart Them

    Learn to quickly identify, and outsmart emotional manipulation in business and love. Forever break free from toxic relationships.​

  • Women On Top

    The empowering truth about sex-- and how to use it to your advantage. ​

Module V

Dazzle and Disarm

  • Captivate

    Forget everything you know about 'beauty' and learn how beguiling women really capture attention, and hold others in thrall. ​

  • The Art of Seduction

    ...has nothing to do with sex--- and everything to do with artfully igniting and sustaining intense attraction. Get the play-by-play.​

  • Get What You Want

    Always get the answer yes, in business, life and love, with this bullet-proof negotiation tactic.​


“"I'm so excited to marry this man! Thank you! I used YOUR phrasing last year, "You are a great guy and you can anyone you want...I am looking for", lol, and it really set the tone and helped me communicate my desire and values. So double thank you!"”

Ingri P.

“I can't say enough about how awesome this course is! After I enrolled, it only took me a couple of days to get through all the content! Not because it was quick because Ayesha really put in the hours and the research to bring you a comprehensive breakdown of the 5 laws but I couldn't stop watching!!! Her professionalism and quality of presentation, her own personal self mastery and feminine embodiment and her ability to elevate the conversation about women and power. This is a mandatory course that I will make my high level female clients take as part of their personal and business development to go to the next level. In a world that encourages women to move in the masculine and do do do this program helps you step into your true feminine essence by who you BE! ”

Danielle Murrell, Founder of Rich Girl Business

“Since enrolling in this course I stopped dating by giving away all my power to a man who barely showed me he was worth even taking a second look at! Since working with Ayesha I finally was able to turn down a man who I had given all my power to prematurely and foolishly but this time with poise, confidence, and no second guessing. For ONCE in my entire life, after working with Ayesha I finally learned how to choose me. Something I had NEVER done! I also even was able to avoid dating a guy before things got serious and walked away knowing I had not given him myself and walked away with my dignity in tack. To say Ayesha is amazing is an understatement!!! She taught me to finally understand why I dated the way I did and STOP! Now I'm constantly sought after, turning down men BEFORE we ever hit the bedroom, and most importantly, love myself deeply and fully and take my power back as a woman. I have NEVER felt as powerful in my life with my life as I do now. I can't thank Ayesha enough. In a world that drills it in our heads that we MUST be doormats and give ourselves away for nothing, Ayesha teaches us to love ourselves and to choose us over men and ultimately, take back power both in the bedroom and the boardroom. TAKE THIS COURSE. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!"”

Danita Hinnant

“"I wanted to let you know I completed your Five Laws of Feminine Power and absolutely LOVED it. I've gotten other online courses, however yours really stood out, the way you combined feminine energy, manifesting, spirituality with practicality, science and psychology. It was the perfect blend of both feminine and masculine energy actually. I've learned a lot and it has helped me become a more seductive woman, not artificially, though from a real place of self-worth, self-respect, and self-love, and feminine power. I went through this course slowly to soak in everything and I'm returning to the videos repeatedly because it's so fascinating." ”

Priyanka Y.

“"The Five Laws of Feminine Power is an eye-opening course that is jam packed with lessons on how to identify and harness your power as a woman. Eva Peron. Jackie Onassis. Erykah Badu – just a few of the many women who recognized their value and most importantly, their feminine power. Stories of these extraordinary women are highlighted as case studies throughout the course (Erykah Badu was my personal favorite). Watching these women recognize and utilize their unique capabilities reminded me of my own; this course showed me exactly how to use it to reach my dreams. I loved how Ayesha debunked a lot of patriarchal myths about women’s desirability & limitations – myths that I didn’t even realize I’d bought into. Her course quickly unraveled these false beliefs and replaced them with evidence that women are desirable at any age, shape or color, and no matter her background – poverty, divorce, etc. - a woman always holds within her the innate ability to create her own ‘come up' or rise. This course was well worth the cost and energy I invested into it, and I reaped numerous gains from it! "”

Delana Nicole

“"High quality know the kind that actually have critical thinking skills? The kind that are not ruled by their phallus? The kind that build things, create things and fund things? The kind who've been to school and read Moby Dick length books?They are going to need more than a pretty face. Its going to take more than tricks. You (and I) have to come with some Holy Fire. For that reason, if you don't pick up The Five Laws of Feminine Power, those of us who do...will murder you in the love marketplace every night of the week...without even trying! Without disturbing our pink nail polish. I have had this playing since yesterday...and it is inexplicably good." ”

J. Anderson

“" I absolutely adore your course. It's so polished, well put together and deeply informative and inspiring! I have learned so much and plan to review it many times. I will continue to share and recommend it. Thanks so much for your diligence and worthy mission!!"”

Leah Bayaka

Ayesha K. Faines

Founder, Women Love Power

Ayesha K. Faines is a journalist, thought leader, and a brave voice for feminine power. She is the founder of "Women Love Power" a digital education platform that promotes the unique ways that women acquire and wield their power. Sought after for her opinions on pop culture, power and gender politics, Ayesha has been featured in a number of media outlets including MTV, Essence, Hot 97, Afropunk, and The Michael Baisden Radio Show-- where she's a regular contributor. She's been described as a master teacher-- with the rare ability to translate esoteric concepts into ideas that are captivating, inspiring and relatable. She's lectured before international organizations and academic institutions including The University of British Columbia, Indiana University, The University of New Haven, Temple University, the Fashion Institute of Technology and more. She is currently a columnist for Zora Magazine, and a featured panelist on 'The Grapevine Show’, a millennial web series with international acclaim. A former TV journalist, Ayesha has worked on-air for news stations in both the Jacksonville, Florida and New York City media markets. She is graduate of Yale University. Away from work, she performs and competes salsa as a member of Reinas del Tumbao, a professional, competitive team. She is also a member of the Girl Friends Inc., a social organization for African-American women.

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