The Five Laws of Feminine Power

The definitive guide to unlocking your one-of-a-kind power... in the boardroom, the bedroom and beyond. | taught by Ayesha K. Faines

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The truth is, women are the most powerful sex .

But few women possess the mindset and  skills to wield their power to their advantage.

Those who do are the women who make history. 

They are the women who live and love on their own terms... and they aren't any different than you.

The Five Laws of Feminine Power is a indispensable course in soft power, feminine energy and the fine art of getting the answer 'yes'-- without  even asking a question.

When you enroll in The Five Laws of Feminine Power, you will immediately access all five modules, how to...

  • achieve  emotional control and unshakeable confidence
  • harness and elevate your creative, 'feminine' energy
  • break free from fear, insecurity, doubt and destructive social conditioning
  • develop insight,instinct and intuition  
  • make moves like a chess master
  • glimpse  behind anyone's social mask, and understand their motivations
  • pull the emotional levers that actually entice and influence people
  • captivate and  beguile with your presence alone
  • seduce, charm, and disarm
  • make others crave you, by tapping into the 9 hidden addictions
  • elevate your erotic energy for creativity, vitality, and magnetic presence

Based on a decade of interdisciplinary research into the unique ways that women acquire and wield power, The Five Laws of Feminine Power draws from philosophy, psychology, sociology,  neurobiology, anthropology, literature, strategy, martial arts, primary and secondary historical sources,  and the priceless wisdom imparted from many incredible women who  have generously mentored me over the years.

Among the probing case studies  provided are little known stories extracted from the likes of Diana Ross, Arianna Huffington, Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, Wallis Simpson, Jacqueline Kennedy, Eva Peron, Pamela Harriman, Josephine Bonaparte, Bill Clinton, Joan Crawford and Erykah Badu.

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What  Students Are Saying:

"Since enrolling in this course I stopped dating by giving away all my power to a man who barely showed me he was worth even taking a second look at! Since working with Ayesha I finally was able to turn down a man who I had given all my power to prematurely and foolishly but this time with poise, confidence, and no second guessing. For ONCE in my entire life, after working with Ayesha I finally learned how to choose me. Something I had NEVER done! I also even was able to avoid dating a guy before things got serious and walked away knowing I had not given him myself and walked away with my dignity in tack. To say Ayesha is amazing is an understatement!!! She taught me to finally understand why I dated the way I did and STOP! Now I'm constantly sought after, turning down men BEFORE we ever hit the bedroom, and most importantly, love myself deeply and fully and take my power back as a woman. I have NEVER felt as powerful in my life with my life as I do now. I can't thank Ayesha enough. In a world that drills it in our heads that we MUST be doormats and give ourselves away for nothing, Ayesha teaches us to love ourselves and to choose us over men and ultimately, take back power both in the bedroom and the boardroom. Oh and did I mention the tactics in her course landed me a job making MORE MONEY when I was used to settling forl less? TAKE THIS COURSE. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!" -Danita Hinnant 

"The Five Laws of Feminine Power is an eye-opening course that is jam packed with lessons on how to identify and harness your power as a woman. Eva Peron. Jackie Onassis. Erykah Badu – just a few of the many women who recognized their value and most importantly, their feminine power. Stories of these extraordinary women are highlighted as case studies throughout the course (Erykah Badu was my personal favorite).  Watching these women recognize and utilize their unique capabilities reminded me of my own; this course showed me exactly how to use it to reach my dreams. I loved how Ayesha debunked a lot of patriarchal myths about women’s desirability & limitations – myths that I didn’t even realize I’d bought into.  Her course quickly unraveled these false beliefs and replaced them with evidence that women are desirable at any age, shape or color, and no matter her background – poverty, divorce, etc. - a woman always holds within her the innate ability to create her own ‘come up' or rise. This course was well worth the cost and energy I invested into it, and I reaped numerous gains from it! "-DeLana Nicole

"As a little girl growing up with a mom whose relationship with femininity, sensuality and her own body was fraught, I learned that there was something dangerous and distasteful about that side of life. But I was all the more curious about it, and when I was doing this course I remembered a time when I was in second or third grade, sitting in my closet wishing for a secret manual to teach me to be beautiful and charming. As I grew up, I became all the more alienated from my own body and sensuality. I lived in my own head, but I was fascinated by expressions of femininity across times, cultures and classes -- expressions I felt too repressed and diminished to channel into my own life. 

When I realized I was depressed and started doing CBT, the first big change I made was to my own appearance. I already knew what I liked -- I just didn’t believe I was worthy of it. Nearly two years later I took this course and now here I am, ready to apply my feminine energy to my goals, learn how to read people and pay attention to my intuition.

This course has been an incredible experience! I love the vision of femininity as our birthright, charging us with creative energy and sensuality to be used for our own purposes or shared as we please. After taking this course, I feel much more able to respect my own value, honor my goals and desires, separate myself from my fears, appreciate my appearance and deal with other people. It demolishes so many poisonous ideas and puts forth a more positive vision for the world: that male validation isn’t what defines you; that beauty is something you can create for yourself; that femininity is the powerful counterpart to masculinity, and that we all have the capacity to leave our mark on the world." L.K.

"This is my holy grail!  What I love about the work you do, is teaching women to harness their power in reclaiming their own (feminine) so that they're able to be open and free with themselves, first, and then their lovers/people etc. Your work is crucial! Every word you speak has immense truth, wisdom, power and assertion entwined to them." A. N.

"High quality know the kind that actually have critical thinking skills? The kind that are not ruled by their phallus? The kind that build things, create things and fund things? The kind who've been to school and read Moby Dick length books?They are going to need more than a pretty face. Its going to take more than tricks. You (and I) have to come with some Holy Fire. 

For that reason, if you don't pick up The Five Laws of Feminine Power, those of us who do...will murder you in the love marketplace every night of the week...without even trying! Without disturbing our pink nail polish. I have had this playing since yesterday...and it is inexplicably good." J. Anderson

" I  love what you've created here for all of us Ayesha. I’m amazed at how you’ve managed to get to the root of the B.S. that keeps us stuck, call out the exact ways we relinquish our power, and then get to the heart of what needs to be done to start turning things around. It’s brilliant really. I appreciate how you teach and deliver the wealth of knowledge and information 
you’ve gathered from your studies, research, observations, and life experience. Not only is it ridiculously thorough, it has this brilliant balance between this well researched, clearly mapped out, poignant delivery mixed with an energy of non-judgment, openness, genuinely here to help & serve others." E. N.

" I absolutely adore your course. It's so polished, well put together and deeply informative and inspiring! I have learned so much and plan to review it many times. I will continue to share and recommend it. Thanks so much for your diligence and worthy mission!!" Leah Bayaka

"...It's as though it was made for me! I am resonating with so many things and really getting to understand myself, as a divine feminine force, a lot better. This is really helping me to elevate and transform into the woman I've always wanted to be!

Ayesha K. Faines
Ayesha K. Faines
Journalist/ Founder of Women Love Power

Ayesha K. Faines is a writer, thought leader, and rising voice for feminine power and social change. Her probing research and provocative insights into sexual politics and soft power have been the subject of viral videos,  national media  attention, and keynotes for a myriad of organizations, colleges and universities. She is the creator and founder of Women Love Power, a digital educational platform, where she's amassed a  fierce, international following, over 25,000 women strong and she has dedicated a decade to researching the unique ways that women acquire and wield power. She has been quoted and or featured in a number of media outlets including Essence, The Michael Baisden Radio Show, on which she is a frequent commentator, Time, AfroPunk, Fox, Hot 97,, and The Grapevine TV ,where she is a featured panelist.  In addition to her media work, she uses her unique expertise in feminine power to serve as strategist to promising female leaders in their quest for political office. Ayesha's passion, away from work, is dance and she performs and competes salsa "on two" as a member Reinas del Tumbao, a professional competitive salsa team . She began her career as a local television reporter and financial news journalist. She is graduate of Yale University.

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